Prepaid Masterdard Card: Is it worth applying for?

The Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard card, is presented today as one of the best and most innovative options for making purchases and payments of services, so much so that in recent years it has become the first prepaid option in Europe, which It works as if buying a prepaid phone card is involved.

In addition, it has a 100% acceptance level, as, as its full name mentions, it is a rechargeable card that does not offer as such any type of loan or credit.

Requirements of the Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard Card

Requirements of the FineTECH Prepaid MasterCard Card

Because it is not a card to request credits for purchases or bank loans, the Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard Card does not require complicated financial solvency requirements like those traditional banks usually ask for.

Thus, it will only be necessary to have the following:

  • Comply with the age of majority.
  • Have a mobile phone number.
  • Email address.

Conditions of the Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard Card

Conditions of the FineTECH Prepaid MasterCard Card

Here you can consult essential information about the contract and the account, as well as fees and payments, instructions for use and product restrictions, terms, data protection, etc.

Advantages of the Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard Card

Advantages of the FineTECH Prepaid MasterCard Card

Although basically it is a prepaid card, the Financial Tech MasterCard is one of the best in the market and one of the most used financial products due to its quality and the multiple advantages it handles, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • It is a prepaid card to make all kinds of purchases in millions of establishments, since it is authorized by Mastercard. Similarly, it can also be used in more than two million ATMs.
  • It allows commission-free loading with IBAN through bank transfer.
  • It is a product unrelated to credit verification, so no credit history verification is performed to obtain it.
  • Its easy and accessible control allows you to manage all expenses in a personalized way.
  • It currently has a 100% acceptance rate for residents of the European Union.
  • The card includes an own account that is not linked to the client’s bank account, which is an excellent security instrument to care for and preserve the financial identity and bank details of the clients.

As such, the contract that is established when applying for the Financial Tech prepaid card has an effective duration of three years, with the possibility of being renewed for a period of three more years, unless the clients or the institution have decided to cancel the contract for various reasons.

It is worth mentioning that if the customer is not satisfied with the product offered, he can cancel his contract at any time he wishes.

How to check the movements of the Financial Tech Card?

How to check the movements of the FineTECH Card?

In order to view the balance and movements made in the Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard account, they can verify this information without any problem, in the “My account” tab, with which You can check all transactions made.

Payment methods of the Financial Tech Prepaid Card.

Payment methods of the FineTECH Prepaid Card.

Since it does not consist essentially of a card that offers some type of credit or financial loan, the Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard works very similarly to a prepaid phone card, and therefore, in order to be used, it requires that you first make a recharge with a minimum amount in the amount of 90.00 euros

Subsequently, you can choose between various card load limits so that you can carry out a personalized management of the card.

Also, three charges can be made per day and up to a total of 60 charges per month.

Financial Tech Mastercard Prepaid installment financing or installment payments

The use of the Financial Tech prepaid card generates as such a commission fee for the amount of 69.69 euros, which consists of a single fee for the issuance, as well as includes an annual fee for the amount of 19.90 Euros

As benefits of these payments, the use of the Financial Tech account allows you to make unlimited incoming and outgoing national bank transfers, which do not include any additional costs. Likewise, it includes numerous forms of loading, online banking functions,  as well as many other additional advantages.

Financial Tech Prepaid Mastercard Credit Lines of Credit

FineTECH Prepaid Mastercard Credit Lines of Credit

Being essentially a prepaid card, the Financial Tech card does not include an established line of credit, which will depend on your position, on the recharge capabilities that each customer has.

The obvious reason why this card does not include any type of credit line is because upon request, no proof of financial solvency or bank accounts is requested, as required by traditional credit card procedures. , which is not necessary for a prepaid card such as Financial Tech.

Financial Tech MasterCard Prepaid Customer Service Card

FineTECH MasterCard Prepaid Customer Service Card

For any type of doubt or clarification that clients may present, the customer service of this card offers the following communication channels:

It is worth mentioning that this is a free customer service, without any additional cost.

Via telephone: This service is enabled through which customers can communicate at a time from 08:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It should be mentioned that the price of the call may vary depending on the provider.

For questions or comments of a general nature, the institution also has Facebook enabled to make such comments through this channel.

My Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard Customer Access Card

My FineTECH Prepaid MasterCard Customer Access Card

As part of a customer access service, the Financial Tech Prepaid Mastercard offers the possibility of opening and using an online banking service on all mobile phones, tablets or computers that have internet services.

In this way, customers can check and verify all their banking transactions through a simple SMS message or via email, without the need to install any additional software in the browser.

With this service, you can also perform actions such as: change personal information, send you a PIN reminder, unlock your PIN, increase account security levels or resolve all payment inquiries

Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard Card Insurance

FineTECH Prepaid MasterCard Card Insurance

As part of the security levels included in this card, the possibility of separating the Financial Tech card account from the bank account gives customers great peace of mind, since their bank details are protected against identity theft, pishing and misuse.

Likewise, as an additional means of security, this card has an alert system that will immediately notify by SMS (0.19 euros/SMS) or by email, about each of the expenses incurred with the Financial Tech Prepaid MasterCard, which allows Total control over the card’s income and expenses at all times.



The reasons why the Financial Tech Prepaid Mastercard is a success are quite evident, since it offers all the uses of a prepaid card, but reinforced with the security and prestige that only a credit card can provide.

Which has made it an excellent means of payment for millions of establishments and services, and especially one of the main reasons why thousands of customers of traditional banks are making the transition from traditional credit cards to cards prepaid, more especially, to the Financial Tech card. 

Financial Tech Summary

Summary: Do you want to request an online credit card to make your purchases? Financial Tech can be a good alternative. Its advantages include obtaining a card without credit verification or proof of income !.


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