How much to borrow for an optimal housing bonus?

Taking out a loan is always a story in itself. It seems easy to finish, but you still have to think about it. Certainly if you borrow for a home, because then it concerns large amounts. The period is also very long, so you often borrow for a period of 20, 25 or even 30 years. Then we recommend that you make a good comparison from the start and that you are informed. There will be many banks that can make you a good offer, but you can only be happy with the best conditions. And what do you do to get an optimal bonus ?

Home loan

A home loan is therefore a real task, but with the right guidance you can get one within one. The first requirement is that you have a fixed income. If you borrow with your partner then you are both better off at work. Because the repayment of a normal family home can often not be borne alone. You will also receive this question at the bank where you wish to apply for the loan. What is the income? With the delivery of wage sheets from the last months you have sufficient information. There the bank sees your net wage and the details of your employer.

To see how much a home loan costs you can first check the websites of banks. There you can perform a free loan simulation. Enter the amount of the purchase of the home there and choose the duration of the loan. There is also a field where you can enter how much own capital you wish to provide. This can be for the notary or for any renovations that you wish to carry out on the property.

Savings to make the purchase of a home

Savings to make the purchase of a home

So you already need some savings to make the purchase of a home. At least to pay the notary fees. Even better if you want to renovate and can already pay for part of it yourself. But if the latter fails, you can always take out a renovation loan or a drawdown of the loan after a few years. You can also find information about the housing bonus on the bank’s website. You can of course also get one for a conversation in a bank branch. They explain fully how this works. It can be interesting if you make optimum use of it. Since borrowing for a home has a financial impact, it’s best to get the benefits as good as possible.


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